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I’m always struggling to come up with fun Indian lunches for kids. Here I’m sharing some ideas.

Cheese Pizza

Posted by aartic on May 27, 2008

I baked Cheese Pizza this morning. It was so easy to do and it took me about 10 minutes. Ofcourse I used a ready pizza base and pizza sauce. To that I added a ton of cheese and baked. If this lunch does well, I’m sure to make it more often. Probably with wheat base and home-made sauce?

For the fruit part I added aamras (mango sauce) to the lunch.

So how did it do? Guess what my son said when he came back home? Mom did you pack mustard sauce? 🙂 what??  He thought the mango sauce was mustard!! How innocent and cute! So of course the mango sauce went untouched and the pizza was eaten! Maybe I should I have told him what I packed. Anyway I think its 4 stars.


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Egg Sandwich

Posted by aartic on May 20, 2008

The end of the school year is coming near and everyone seems to be in summer holiday mood already! Only 12 more days of school!

My son’s class has been having a lot of special days and fund raising lunches and I hardly need to pack lunches. Anyway today was one such day where I needed to pack lunch.

Since my son has not been taking lunches to school these days, he insisted on taking a sandwich. I wanted to make something other than Peanut butter jelly – so I decided on making an egg sandwich.

I beat up one egg with salt and pepper and cooked it. I toasted some bread and made the sandwich. To go with this I added some ketchup and some sun chips. I actually also added some yogurt (not pictured).

We’ll see how it does.

So how did it do? This one didn’t do well at all. The sun chips were gone and only one bite of the sandwich was taken. The whole sandwich came back. When I asked my son why he didn’t eat it, I got all sorts of excuses- I didn’t want egg, it was cold, I didn’t have time to finish it , etc. Anyway it might be a long time till I pack an egg sandwich again. 1 star.

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Kadi Chawal

Posted by aartic on May 9, 2008

Today is another meal which is out of last night’s leftovers.

Yesterday I cooked kadi chawal for dinner. This is plain kadi, no vegetables, no pakora, no kofta in it. Just simple plain kadi which looks like dal, but tastes yummy. I warmed up kadi and chawal really well and packed it in the thermos.

I also added some fried chips. You know these are the chips that you get in the store and then come home and fry them? These are delish because these are from India! 🙂

I love this pic, because you can actually see the steam coming out of the thermos. We’ll see how well this does.

So how did it do? This one did very well. Almost everything was gone! 5 stars!

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Chicken Nuggets

Posted by aartic on May 9, 2008

This is really a meal inspired by “Happy Meal”. I wanted my son to have a happy meal!!! 🙂

So here I baked some chicken nuggets. These are from Trader Joes, they are actually shaped like mini drum sticks and taste yummy too. I made some french fries in the morning. Sprinkled it with salt and pepper. To make the meal healthy I added some strawberries, and ofcourse there was some ketchup.

For the surprise element I added one sticker in his lunch bag!

So how did it do? Everything was gone, only some fries came back. Not bad I think. 4 stars!

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Mixed Veg soup – and cheesy garlic bread

Posted by aartic on April 28, 2008

Last night I had made mixed vegetable soup. Its really very simple, I throw in all the vegetables (beets, carrot, peas, opo squash/dudi, tomato, spinach etc- basically whatever I have at home) in the pressure cooker, add salt and pepper, water and then cook it. After the vegetables are soft, I blend them all together. Its sort of a thick soup.

So last night I decided to serve the soup with some garlic bread, in the hopes that my son would at least try it. To my surprise he really loved the garlic bread and soup combo! He actually went and grabbed cheese from the fridge, sprinkled it on his bread and put spoonsful of soup on it – to make it look like an open sandwich! Voila! And he actually said, “I want this for my lunch tomorrow!”

So there – another monday morning made easy. I baked the garlic bread with cheese on top, and added the soup. For the fruits part I added some grapes in his box.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic! We’ll see how it did.

So how did it do? The garlic bread was gone. Some of the soup came back. The fruit was untouched. 3 stars.

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Spinach Paratha aka Green paratha

Posted by aartic on April 21, 2008

Going green for the earth day!

Today morning I made some spinach parathas. Basically you puree the spinach and then knead the dough with it. Add some masalas and ghee and cook it. My son likes this paratha just because it looks green and he has no clue that it has spinach in it! This is a great way to sneak in some spinach, which otherwise doesn’t get eaten.

Also for the surprise factor I filled the thermos with hot chocolate milk today. I really really had no time for a picture today, but it was basically paratha wrapped in foil with a thermos full of milk. I added a straw with it.

You know the lunch is going to do well when your son helps you pack it and wants to have it for breakfast! Whats not to love?

So how did it do? This lunch did well. One whole paratha was gone. He drank all the milk and really loved it too! I had actually packed 2 parathas, but I am okay with only one being eaten, those are really heavy! I actually got a comment and that I should pack milk everyday!  Giving it a 5 star!

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Beans & aloo curry, roti

Posted by aartic on April 18, 2008

Today is a simple lunch. The beans and aloo curry is left over from last night. I warmed it up and put it in the box. I made a couple of rotis in the morning. I added LOTS of ghee on them. My son absolutely loves ghee!

For the fruit portion I added some apple sauce and some chips to go along. My son was hoping for some school lunch and he said “I don’t really want this you know!”. Yeah I know. 🙂

We’ll see how it does.

So how did it do? The roti was all gone. Some of the bhaji came back. Chips were ofcourse gone, apple sauce was untouched. Not bad I think. As long as he ate his bhaji roti, I am happy! 4 stars.

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Finally its time for a home lunch – Aloo tikki burger

Posted by aartic on April 17, 2008

It seems like its been ages since I packed a home lunch for my son. They’ve celebrated some birthday’s in their class, with birthday lunches, plus they’ve had some fund raising lunches as well. Hence I wasn’t packing lunch from home. Anyway looks like we are back to home lunches!

Today’s lunch is inspired by McDonald’s in India – where they serve the Aloo Tikki Burger on their Dollar Menu! 🙂 So I made a aloo tikki, cooked it well. Did not deep fry. Got burger buns, added some chutneys and voila! I put some ketchup in the box and some Sun Chips. I also added a small juice as the bevrage! Maybe I should have added a small toy or sticker to make it a happy meal! LOL !! I’m lovin’ it!

Incase you didn’t notice I wrapped it up in a foil which has smiley faces all over it!

So how did it do? This one actually went pretty well. The burger was gone, the chips came back; I’m not complaining! 5 stars!

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Gud Roti, Boiled egg

Posted by aartic on April 10, 2008

We actually ate out last night, so I had absolutely no left overs from last night. This meant that I had to come up with a lunch from scratch.

Since I almost always have dough ready in the fridge, I decided to make gud roti. I was very tempted to make cheese paratha instead,  but I didn’t. Maybe next time I will. I also added one boiled egg to the lunch. I chopped it into small pieces and sprinkled with salt and pepper. For the fruit part I added apple sauce.

I didn’t pack the lunch in the laptop box today. Instead I wrapped the roti in a foil and added 2 small dabbas for the egg and applesauce. I’ll report back on how it goes. 🙂

So how did it do?

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Grilled cheese sandwich

Posted by aartic on April 8, 2008

I wanted to stay away from rice and roti today, so I decided to make some grilled cheese sandwich.

I also boiled some arbi(taro root) in the morning; peeled it and chopped it in small pieces. On this I sprinkled some salt and pepper and chaat masala. Oops I just realized that the red box has a lid closed in the pic!! That’s where I put the arbi. I also added some sun chips to this lunch and some ketchup for dipping. Hoping it does okay.

So how did it do? The arbi and the chips were gone. And only half of the sandwich was gone. Not happy. Lately none of the lunches are doing good. Oh well. 3 stars.

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